We appreciate your preference and we would like to inform you some important points to be considered during your visit through our web page: www.fiorence.com and its sister’s brands.

With the main purpose to offer to our clients the most safe and comfortable environment while visiting our web site, we have established some rules, terms and conditions under the ones we have delimited responsibilities areas and rights for our customers and for the enterprise itself.

In order to offer you the best service, our attention schedule is from Monday to Saturday from 9H to 20H.

Giftbaskets delivery:

Gift Baskets from Monday to Friday from 9H to 20H

Giftbaskets commits to delivery figts from Monday to Friday from 9H to 19H. Normally we do not make deliveries on weekend and on holidays, however if you requires a special delivery on any of this both exception delivery days, you can make the request by an email (info@fiorence.net) or by a free call: al 01 800 087 2800


Giftbaskets has hired some payment services such as 2checkout (www.2checkout.com) and Pay Pal (www.paypal.com), both are authorized to make the purchase of the products sold by Fiorence. Both payment platforms counts with security systems which verifies the whole information to make the purchase via internet with credit or debit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discovery); in this way the customer’s information is protected as well as Fiorence in order to avoid frauds. We should point out that both payment enterprises are worldwide well known.

Credit and debit cards; Giftbaskets accepts 2checkout and Pay Pal to make the purchase with your credit or debit card (Visa, Master Card): The charge will be applied in American dollars and in your status account will be shown as: 2CO or 2CHECKOUT, Paypal. The plataform itself will notify us immediately. It is not necessary to confirm by yourself but if you want to verify you can also give us a call or send an email.

Bank deposit or wire transfer: If you decide to make the payment by any of this two options please send us an email (pagos@fiorence.net) or give us a call (01 800 087 2800) to ask for the number accounts or the IBAN number. Also you must confirm the purchase by an image sending the voucher to the email: pagos@fiorence.net.

BANK OF AMERICA: If you decide to make the payment by a deposit in Bank of America please make it at least with one day in advance before the delivery date. To request the number account please send us an email (pagos@fiorence.net) or give us a call: 01 800 087 2800.

AMEX: Please give us a call so we can ask for your account information and process the charge through the online platform. (01 800 087 2800)

Transfer Money: Western Union and Money Gram are the only enterprises in the ones we accept money transfer. Please give us a call for us to give you instructions. Any other enterprise or method such as applications may take longer to be reflected the payment and we are not going to process the order until the payment is available to be charged.

*Your requested order will not be processed as soon as the purchase is confirmed. In any case that you have make a wire transference by any different bank of the ones we work with, it may take from 12 to 48 working hours till the payment is confirmed in our system. Please take the cautions needed to avoid delays in your deliveries.


Shipping policies

Delivery fee is not applied to the prices shown in the site web. The delivery service is provided by Fed Ex or DHL depending on the service coverage and the charge could vary depending on the package’s dimensions and weight. Also the fee may increase if the delivery corresponds to "Extended area” for the delivery company; this is because they must hire an external delivery company; this happens with some towns that are located far away from the main city. You might want to give us a call to verify the coverage in the area where you want us to make the delivery.  

Gifts are normally delivered next day through a courier company. However, depending on your location, delivery might take two or three days to get to its destination. PLEASE REQUEST YOUR GIFT IN ADVANCE and contact us to verify the estimated delivery time of your gift

Data Verification

All data provided to make the delivery of any gift must be correct, including the phone numbers, area code, full address (name of the street, house number, neighborhood, and zip code). Before making any delivery we confirm with the recipient that all data provided by the costumer is correct due that any incorrect or false data could cause delays on the delivery or even avoid to make the delivery on the date and place requested. It is possible to avoid this verification information process if you demand it for, however we will not be responsible for any delay or non-delivered package.

Hotel deliveries:

It is possible to make deliveries in a hotel as long as customer help us to confirm the residence time of the recipient. Also the customer must provide us the complete information: number or name of the room, as well the booker’s name. We cannot be responsible of non-delivered packages if the information is wrong or lacking information.

Public places deliveries:

We do not make any delivery in public places such as a super market or mall also to students inside an institution.

We are not responsible of the internal policies of every company and enterpirse to the deliveries for their clerks. Please read the full policies about:

Companies and enterprises deliveries:

1.In some cases by internal policies of every company, our shipping personal are not allowed to enter to the plant and make the delivery in a personal way. Therefore we must leave the package in the reception area.

2.In some cases, by internal policies, employees and staff are not allowed to receive packages inside the companies. Therefore we strongly ask before to make the purchase, to make sure that this is possible and to give us punctual instructions to conclude the delivery.

3.There are some other cases when enterprises do accept employees and staff to receive packages, however the mailing goes to warehouses or depots and the recipient does not receive the package personally. Please make sure directly with the enterprise the internal delivery process so the package can arrive directly to the recipient.

Under any situation the total refund is going to be proceed of any article sent and non-received package. There could be applied extra fees for re try to make the delivery or to change the delivery address.

Delivery schedule:

We relay in Fed Ex and DHL shipping service and we have no incidence on their delivery schedules. Nevertheless we commit to make the delivery on the requested day. As we are located in the center of the country, we can make deliveries on the next day for most of the states however those which are on the limit north and the limit south it is necessary to make the purchase within one or two days in advance. Although we can verify the coverage area with the zip-code. Please call us to give you more information about shipping.

On special dates such as February 14th, May 10th, and Christmas season we cannot guarantee the specific date if the purchase is not made in advance within at least one week before the requested date.

The confirmation about the delivery detail must be arriving through an email (you can look for the email on your inbox or in spam) once we have the information. On special dates it must take a little bit longer, and that information cannot be either provided by phone call as usual due to the demanding work on those dates.

Substitution policies

Please carefully read the policies of substitution here provided:

-In every case the presentation and content of the gift may vary to the product enhancement as we point in the description box of every article.

-In case that we do not have a product in stock at the moment we are going to proceed to include a similar product of same or better quality according to the distance and time that will take to make the delivery, in case of Candy Bouquets, Gourmet baskets and Fuits baskets.

-We are a committed enterprise who always look for to satisfy the exigencies of our customers therefore it might be necessary to proceed to change any product of the article. Customers must be sure that this is only for enhancement purposes.

-In every case we are going to try to have communication with the customer by a phone call or through an e-mail to inform you about the possible changes or substitutions in order to agree on the best option for you. It means to replace the content of the product or change the delivery date. We are going to try to make it in advance, nevertheless if the customer contact information is not right or we have no answer, the replacement will be automatically done or the status of the order is going to be paused until we have any answer about the situation.

Special note:

For users of free emailing service such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and any others servers that uses anti-spam tools may not find any e-mail of Fiorence/GiftBaskets on your inbox, like confirmation purchase or confirmation delivery or any other situation concerning to the gift and the shipping. We are not in the possibility to avoid that our e-mails does not goes directly to the principal inbox, but we invite to our customers to make the changes necessaries to avoid this situation.

Payment policies

Please read carefully:

We remind you that even though you had submitted your credit/debit card and the fee has been charged to your account, as a security measure sometimes the bank ask us to verify the payment directly with the customer because the information submitted may not coincide with the account provided. Like this we protect ourselves of possible frauds and also that anyone could give an improper use of customer’s information and/or credit/debit cards. In any case that we detect any suspicious situation with your purchase we are going to contact the customer as soon as possible meanwhile the order will be paused until everything is clear.

Thus your order will be processed till the payment is registered and confirmed. Please make sure that your payment has been registered and approved.

Electronic tax invoice (only for Mexican customers):

With pleasure we can issue an invoice, please ask for it just before you has made the purchase. Please sent us an email with your fiscal information and RFC, also your number order.

We have selected to Factura360 (www.factura360.com), who counts with the highest level of electronic security; as our provider of the service of Electronic Tax Invoice, valid in Mexico according to the legal norms from SAT. This hired service allows us to emit the Electronic Tax Invoice in some minutes and you could print it at home. Uso del sitio

Use of the web site

All information, date, software, images, photography, graphics, videos, logos, names, and commercial invoices or any other material included in the site (all this known as content), is reviewed and currently updated. However the content mentioned above is offered without any expressed or implied warrantee.

Fiorence / Gift Baskets Mexico does not assume any responsibility for mistakes or omission in the information provided by thirds persons oblivious to us. Under any case Fiorence or their affiliated brands will be responsible of any special damage directly or consequent for the use or performance, mistakes or omissions in the material, even when notified in advance that those damages could happened.

When the user’s or customer’s behavior is contrary to Fiorence’s insterests, we reserve the right of deny the service, cancel the delivery and/or finalize with the accounts or memberships given.

There will be no tolerance for the user or customer whose behavior inhibits the cordial coexistence between individuals in our web site. It is not allowed to transmit messages of racial, defamatory, profane, threatening, discriminatory, vulgar, obscene, sexual, or any other which is contrary to good practices and customs contrary to Fiorence’s brands.

This web site was developed for commercial, information, communicational and entertainment use only; it is strictly prohibited any other activity or use.

Comments to Fiorence’s site

Fiorence and its brands could freely reproduce, make use or distribute those communications without limitation or any obligation, however if you do not wish to, and you let us know about, your communications will be retracted from all kind of usage in the moment that Firoence and its brands consent the motion.


All content in this site is protected for the "Ley Federal del Derecho de Autor”, international treaties in copyrights subject an in any legislation applicable which protect the intellectual property in favor of Fiorence and its brands.

Being Fiorence legitimate property of the content, selection, coordination, modification and the updates in its web site and its brand’s sites; none as a third person oblivious to Florence is authorized to modify, remove, add, publish, transmit, or any get any other benefit directly or indirectly through the partial or total operation of Fiorence’s and its brands content.

Registered brands

Fiorence and all its brands are Fiorence’s trademarks such as: logos, graphics or any other characteristic of this brands would not be used with any other product or service which are not public offered by Fiorence and which will cause confusion to the public and customer or which will discredit Fiorence as a committed enterprise.

Responsabilites limitations

Stolen credit/debit

Fiorence is not responsible for the usage of credit/debit cards that has been reported as steeled. Once the charge has been approved by the emissary bank. Fiorence has no possibility to deny the purchase when the customer’s information matches with the ones submitted in our system. The access password, nip, or card number are information that is under properties’ responsible.

Products use

Any product/article sold in our site web is completely responsibility of the client who demanded the service. Firoence does not accept any relation or responsibility for any situation where derives from the use of the products sold in our site web. Once the product/article is delivered to the recipient, he/she will be the only responsible of the usage and care of it.

Web site use

Fioernce is freed of any consequence derived from the misuse of our web site. We do not accept any responsibility for the misuse of the network or any problems between the customer and the recipient in which we would get involved. This clause applies also to those who would like a foreign shipping and whose legal regulations may vary from those applicable in Mexico.

Applied laws.

Every time that Fiorence has been constituted conforming the Mexican United States legislation, which is the only, applies and competes to the tribunals from Mexico City, México. In any case of controversy related with the site’s use this will be the one at the one which will be appealed. If any difference on interpretation of terms of drafting between the different versions of the site, Spanish version is the one which will be considered before any other.

Knoladge and agreement

Consulting and visiting our site web means that the user knows about and accept the treat here described. Every person interested in visiting Fiorence is subjected to the norms, rights and restrictions here provided. Fiorence reserves the right of modify the present document at the moment and under several circumstances in Fiorence’s favor, this updated changes being applicable on the very first time in which are published.


Any time that the customer fills the forms with personal information and/or make an order through the web page, Fiorence use of one of the safest servers based in SSL ("Secure Socket Layer”), in which the information is ecrypted before to be transmitted. In this way we can be sure that is only Fiorence’s personal and staff who could have access to the sent information.

You can easily recognize the security system in our site web, when the navigator displays one little lock in the right inferior on your screen, the one indicates that the transaction is been made under a security ambiance.


Forence have special care with the personal information provided by our clients. Any requested data allows us to improve continuously our customer service.

Fiorence provides the purchase through internet. If you would like to make the purchase by this way, it is necessary to register your information as a customer: name, address, telephone number, email account, credit/debit number card and expiration date. This whole information allows us to create and process an order, and also to tracking the order and inform you its actual status.

How do we make use of your information?

1-We monitor the site’s traffic and usage patterns of our customers with the main purpose to improve the design and distribution of products and services.

2-We keep track of all transactions made in our system, which allows us to significantly reduce fraud attempts by malicious users. (Consult law).

3-We keep in frequent communication with those customers who have decided to join our email and news service.

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